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Maplestorym, Mobile, Multiplayer, MapleStory, Screenshot
benevolentia avatar

I know I just posted a Pocket MS screenshot, but I got around to downloading the Korean version of MapleStory M and it is AWESOME. Its is seriously a tiny mobile version of the desktop game. Cleaner controls, multiplayer everywhere instead of just in towns, and way more customisation.

maplestorym mobile

3 3 378 Apr 2017


captain avatar

Looks pretty cool! The UI is a bit cluttered? Can you boss and grind too?

Apr 2017
benevolentia avatar

@captain - pretty sure there are bosses, I'm not high enough level to confirm that yet but I believe I saw videos of zakum and the sorts.

@Helpingly - it's the only version right now, there is no Global/English version Hence me stumbling around on the KR one (I don't know any Korean! I just press buttons until things work!)

And yeah, it's a little cluttered... The awesome gameplay makes up for it though

Apr 2017
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