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MapleStory, Playing, CygnusKnights, Screenshot, Blaze
Nothing special. 25th. 7611 total levels. I swear I didn't bot, dood! You can even see the video for proof! But I think this screenshot turned out great, dood.
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FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with mango chicken!
munyo: You're amazing. I've been playing for a long time and I haven't even gotten to 200.
DeeMon: @munyo Thanks. You'll get there eventually. I bestow these prinny blessings onto you, dood.
Maplestory, ThatBFF
That BFF event in Maplestory was too good to be true. Rip 163 to 189 in 15 minutes
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captain: Serious? 26 levels in 15 min?
SmexiiNinja: Yeah lol It got out of hand. I found out about pretty much right after the Unsc. maint. went down. Reddit/Official forums exploded! I heard some people got all of their link mules in a day. That's just insane!!
privateereck: It was on for almost a whole day. I only manage to get 3 people affected by the godly exp
Making, MapleStory, Wristwatch, Watches, Binder
I made this weird thing after replacing the battery ($7 for a battery cell!?) of an old wristwatch my Dad gave me for my birthday, it lost its rubber wrist band thingy. I just took part of a binder clip ($2 for 10) that opens the thing and stuck it on the bottom of the watch thing, whatever that bar thing that holds the rubber wrist band thing... IT'S TOO HARD TO EXPLAIN! I can play MapleStory, check the time, and stare at waifu all at once now!
2 1
random87: That's pretty smart.
MapleStory, Playing, Bayonetta, Revamp, Scania
I'm Batman, dood. 24th. My ign is suppose to mean Dark Spear or something, I don't know, was probably playing Bayonetta at the time. I guess I should also mention the total level of all my characters in Scania on this one account, 7569 levels. It's going to matter with the character card revamp thing. I'm going to try to aim for 8000 levels.
2 2
EricBB: Gratz!! Dark Knight Power!
FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with rum raisin ice cream!
Originalcharact, Originaldrawing, Digitaldrawing, Animedrawing, Mangadrawing
MapleStory, Mercedes, Playing, 23rd, Dood
Done with Mercedes, dood. 23rd. If I could describe Mercedes in some words, it would be radiantly elegant. I'll be honest, I only used Ishtar's Ring to level up with. Staggering Strikes is so bad... playing MapleStory Mercedes
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FriedClams: Congratulations! Celebrate with steamed pork dumplings!
Kaneki: grats!!!! glad you like mercedes :^)
Basura: 23rd 200? dam im just going for my 3rd lol GRATS :D
Originalcharact, Originaldrawing, Digitaldrawing, Drawwithamouse, Paintoolsai
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