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Youtube;feature=youtu.bemaking Video My first video made using Adobe Premiere. Was a fun learning experience! hope you guys enjoy!

This was a really messy run since there were a constant of 5 swords spawns and it regularly avg 1 or 2 swords. Whether it's the fact we were able to pull through the mess or the really exhilarating BGM, I hope you guys enjoy!

Shout out to Corona and Boundless
Maplestory - Constant 5+ Swords Damien Kill. Final Run Before 5th Job / Hi-Five Summer Mashup - Youtube
4 4 413 December 2016 Corona


Jackie avatar
Jackie 73
Also yes i notice the mistake near the end but im too lazy to export and upload again ):
December 2016
syrup avatar
syrup 304
it looks like you had fun and that's the most important thing of all right? *thumbs up* x 2
December 2016
Bran avatar
Bran 14
I love it when my team doesn't bind! Go team!!!
December 2016

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