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Decided to pop on to PocketMS and kill some time while I was away. I played this initially at launch in Australia but haven't touched it since. I have a 110 Angelic Buster but decided to remake a Mercedes instead of continuing since it's been so long.

I wish they would release a global version of Maplestory M though D:

Pocket Maplestory Mobile Playing
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Nice graphics. But I've never found touch "joysticks" to be that engaging (ie, touching the control pad or buttons on a touchscreen). It's playable enough tho? Or not that deep?
@syrup - definitely playable, but the touch controls can be a bit iffy. I have mine set to joystick version rather than d-pad and also tap to move. I will manually use the joystick when killing mobs, but when moving from platform to platform I just tap the screen and let it auto-move me there in the most effective way.

I find that easier than trying to climb ropes / jump on platforms myself.
I never played it. I do remember when they had a Facebook version of Maplestory though. Those were the days.
I've wasted some time on that!
I usually play Maplestory with a friend, but when her PC died we decided to give PocketMS a try.
Much like normal Maplestory we got bored quite fast.

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