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Kaneki avatar

first thing i decide to do after logging on.. is ride the boat. :''') true boredom Shxhiif Maplestory

4 8 244 Sep 2017


Kaneki avatar

p.s. pls come to broa, i heard there's a world xfer

actually no i take back what i said. apparently everyone's going to bera i'll just stay here,,, in this dead world OTL

Sep 2017
FriedClams avatar

Riding the boat is fun! Celebrate with a grilled chicken with bacon and ranch sandwich!

Sep 2017
syrup avatar

omgoodness so many memories on this boat. *sniff*

1 Sep 2017
HawtNoodle avatar

Only maplestory veterans understand the fun times you ha don this boat.

1 Sep 24
Kaneki avatar

@HawtNoodle i made my first friend on this boat :') we were both just going back and forth from vic. island to orbis and vice versa. it was fun

Sep 24
Daimaohz avatar

not true boredom yet unless if im on the same boat with u, u prolly gonna skyjack crimrog's ship to get away from me :')

1 Sep 24
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