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Maplestory MapleStoryBGM Soundtrack Binder Gameplay PC Playing SoulBinder Stuck 5th
Digitalartwork, Digitaldrawing, Drawwithamouse, Cosplayergirl, Fanartdrawing 2K14's piece, the badass Berserker class. Also special thanks to @shellynotshally for cosplaying this fanart design! I salute you for being the badass Berserker o7#greatcosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayergirl #anime #animestyle #animedrawing #manga #ma - Instagram
MapleStory2, Playing, PC, Korea MapleStory2, Playing, PC, Korea
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WatchGintama: @Kaneki IKR? I clicked the randomize button and the choices were all pretty cute. Unfortunately the male character designs are pretty lame Also my character just got out of the character creation screen into lith harbor. They made the customization so great I almost wanted to stay in there
FriedClams: Have fun! Enjoy the game with fried zucchini with marinara sauce!
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