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daily draw #1 hi

Following a friends advice into improvement.. i've been procrastinating on drawing a lot lately, but that's because MapleStory has been getting a lot of good content lately that I couldn't pass out on o:

9 8 833 Dec 13


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that's fun, gl and hf. How long'd it take you?

Dec 13
Kaneki avatar

i like the softer coloring. think this is my favorite of yours

Dec 13
munyo avatar

Reminds me of Etrian Odyssey artwork! AH, I love.

Dec 14
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Maplestory is literally daily story. Hours of dailies, and then events are more dailies.

1 Dec 14
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@privateereck So is most of today's modern-MMOs! We call that "Session-MMOs", and the opposite of it, is "Seamless". A "Seamless-MMO" have no cap and allows for grind whenever a player has the time. An example of this, is Blade and Soul. The dungeons in Blade and Soul have no daily-entry-cap, so you can grind in that game whenever you can make the time available. A "session-MMO" have time-cap(daily, weekly, etc.), and an example of it, is Revelation Online which is heavy in terms of sessions(even the Life-Skills are locked to sessions because of fatigue-recovery). I really do not like session-mechanics to be included in an MMO, for example, in Black Desert where you have to do Dailies for Reputation and Boss-Scrolls. It just forces me to log-in daily or I will sink in the game, and that's exactly what happened to me in Revelation Online that forced me to quit. Ofcourse, if there is no cap/limitations, you can grind to make it up when you have the time. But the problem is, you are locked to cap/limitations. So that is an indication of "miss it and you are screwed". Events are fine to have, but not any session outside of Events. If you are not a Casual, it means logging-in everyday by force. That's very painful and unhealthy. They should also remove daily-log-in-rewards(the calendar-thing), what the ****, do they actually expect people to log-in everyday?! Bless Online have no Dailies and Reputation-system, I'm glad that these are absent-features, it will only set up a routine that you will be imprisoned to do because it's a "must". I've grown tired of the session-mechanics and I've had them MMO to another MMO. I have no problem with Events if the MMO is Seamless. Events are ocassional-thing, but important-sessions are routines.

Dec 15 - Edited: Dec 15 2017
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