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F2P, 2D, side-scrolling MMORPG. MapleStory official link
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Maplestory, Bucc, Semi, 2nd, 5th I love Bucc's Lord of the Deep skill - Youtube
maplestory This 2nd 5th job bucc skill is so OP. Time to semi afk train ... more
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random87: Is this the real way you train now? :OSeems so boring
privateereck: @random87 I just got on, opened nodes, got it, and did half baked video. It does help a bunch when trying to get high combos. I need to test this on bosses
MapleStory, PaperMario, Nintendo, Playing, WiiU MapleStory, PaperMario, Nintendo, Playing, WiiU
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DeeMon: This is my progess of Color Splash so far: I'm guessing I have to paint the whole map. The yellow flags means the level has had its color restored.Here's another weird humor in the game: Seriously, age rating, dood?
Gengar: I lost it at "Kinesis the Hedgehog"
Maplestory, Longer
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Kaneki: @captain i think just being able to say "hey, i finally got through it!!" is rewarding enough for me to deal w/ the pain LOL@RamenFenrir suffering through something will usually be rewarding,,i'd hope. but yeah tbh i'd do that too but w/ cute stuff LOL. (i actually spent again because of the new re:zero stuff and i regret everything)
RamenFenrir: @Kaneki blowing money on cosmetics - worth af ,':^ )
Maplestory, Outlaw Maplestory, Outlaw
maplestory Ah the poor man's outlaw heart. Wondroid Event made me upgrade my Childhood Friend Android. It's worth enough to do the difficult Jump Quest once. ... more
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privateereck: I got it to 77 atk by 30% traces, each give 7 atk.
captain: What are traces? :) How many did it take you?
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