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It's now possible to have multi-paragraph replies. I've removed the 'enter' key triggering a comment submit, so you'll have to manually click the GO button to submit a comment / reply (or you can also press Tab and Enter).

Next up, I'm working on merging the new chat with our PM system. Then I'll be expanding the chat to allow community, team and user-specific chats. This will allow you to have a MapleStory chat, or talk with your team members (ie, your MapleStory guild).

Have a good rest of your weekend!

3 712 Oct 2017 BZL Dev Team


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HECK YEAH, i can finally talk about all of my useless thoughts in one post without starting a comment chain!

Oct 2017
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Finally! now I won't have to copy/paste my comments from Wordpad.

Oct 2017
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Let's all celebrate with fettucine carbonara with bacon!

Oct 2017
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