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MapleStory, games, SupremeSupernova, Animations, SoulSeeker
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I wanted to play something pink because Pink Bean and stuff, mostly because nexon won't let me make one. 29th. 7709 total levels. Some of you might know what a Wave Buster is, it's the charge combo for Wave Beam in Metroid Prime. That's what I thought of when coming up with an ign and I think it fits well since youknow, Celestial Roar sort of shoots a wave of sound. That Hall of Maple Warriors chair is what I use to keep track of my total levels. I didn't even know what those numbers meant until I did some googling, dood. That chair description is not very clear, nexon. Pretty useful and it also displays your other top 3 highest characters. On sale now! Save 390 coins, dood!
I really liked Trinity, it's so much fun to watch. I think it's because it has 3 different animations so it doesn't get too boring. I liked throwing these Soul Seeker balls too. But why is it balls? Is it suppose to be Eskalade's...?
Anyone else think Supreme Supernova looks like a Jett skill? I think it's weird, but it looks so damn cool, dood.

In other news, I finally got the flight module thing whatever for my Skell in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Traveling became so much better now. Finally, I can reach those unreachable places! Skells are so awesome, dood. They can transform into a two-wheeler car sort of thing too. I think I might start getting into the other Transformers series. I remember how fascinated I was with the Beasties(or Beast Wars) series some years ago. CG toons were something else.
Imgur playing MapleStory

3 5 125 Apr 20


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I now totally want that char :O
The other characters on the chair are your other characters? :O That's pretty cool!

Apr 20
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@random87 Yes. Although, I wish we could choose which characters to display instead of the highest, but I guess that would be too much for nexon to implement. I really don't like this Shadower, dood.

Apr 20
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I thought you just manually counted how many total levels you had on your account, didn't know that there was a chair that told you. Pretty sweet.

Apr 21
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