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SavoryBunny, MapleStory, MYBCKN

[MYBCKN]Savory Bunny infects everyone!

oki so my friends sent me some more ss and i decided to mash them all together
This time we included our guild spot and smega-ing everyone to go to maya's house where we give them a "lil" surprise and also transform them into a bunny aswell
we walked around hene and some people started to try and attack us xD sadly these bunnies are on godmode :^)
then the guild and friends went to attempt hene's pet park walk

we spent an hour kinda doing this and growing our bunny infestation o3o (all for the dictator's wishes @darksidelead)
Flag race popped out so we all decided to flag race in our bunny forms xD surprisingly only 1 bunny made it back in their bunny forms o3o

Shout out to some revenance members here (- u -)


0 444 2015-12-6