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Even though I&039;ve practically quit this game, nostalgia crept up to me one day and so I decided to draw my character, Liiy, in her spirited nine tailed fox look, in effort to revive whatever memory I have left of this game. It&039;s been a very long time since I drew anything, so please don&039;t mind my shabbiness. Once again, I can&039;t thank everyone enough for helping me get the Spirited Nine Tails cape! Lots of love to cell, the smallest functional unit, but the one with the biggest of hearts.
*Big hugs to Ari, Chris, Rennyboo, Linda, Kyle, Kevin & Selle. RIPIP everyone.

9 5 494 Jul 2017 Basilmarket


syrup avatar

oh nice work, welcome! A lot of great detail. It's nice to see that you do your own background (I presume)? Good work on the tails!

Jul 2017
Lily avatar

Why thank you @Syrup! Yes, just splotches of paint, nothing special since I'm still not able to draw detailed backgrounds. ALSO, if you're reading this, thank you @MrBasil for making this finally work!

1 Jul 2017
Kaneki avatar

the colors are so nice :00 i really like the dress details

Jul 2017
Lily avatar

@Kaneki Thank you Everyone on here is so nice, now I feel all giddy inside

Jul 2017
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