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MapleStory, Spreadsheet, Hayato, Crit, Dat
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Current state while planning for union update. Still got a lot of work to do. Planning on getting NL, MM, and Zero to 200, the rest of my mules to 140. May get Hayato and shade to 200, too, since I love dat crit dmg.
If you want a link where you can get this spreadsheet, it's here:

3 2 494 May 2017


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Pretty cool stuff, dood. This is what mine looks like: Imgur
20 Star Force from Ghost Ship Badge & Krexel Shoulder thing because all my characters should have them by now.
150 more levels for 5 more attackers, dood.

May 2017
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Hey, good to see you back! This looks pretty intense. Thanks for sharing.

May 2017
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