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Entry #2 about my attempt to dig back in to MapleStory. On the advice of some I started by maxing out my Boss Damage Hyper Skill, which was a fun boost. I also went through and bumped up some of the obvious skills which maxed out my mastery and gave nice HP boosts (21k HP w/ no buffs!).

But I am still woefully clueless about the rest of my skills and a little terrified to put points into things I don't need (it's unclear if I can max ALL jobs).

And that's completely ignoring all of the new game features and updates that've occured in the last ~2 years. And let's not even get into where the FM is! IE, are Nebulite boxes or Stonetooth Swords worth something (got a wackload)?

I love the new UI update for the most part, it's cool having the EXP at the bottom. But I find the placement of the Level / HP / MP window to be odd. Everything's just kind of floating around without a home.

I feel so out of touch. But I guess it's kind of fun all over again because it's all fresh!

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You should max Damage as well. It increases your total damage

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No offence, but did the new-Update fixed the overall-problems of this game? No it did not! That is why I am not coming-back to Maplestory! It is just a heavily-Pay-to-Win-game no matter how you look at it! I have grinded in this game and have sold my life to it and I can tell you that there is no viable-way of catching-up to the people who are just buying the Cubes! It took me ukkking a year just to get to 1M-Range without paying a cent, and I Cubed my Gears all to Legendary and 18% using just Free-to-Play-Cubes! And talk about the ukkking PSoK in this game that really annoys me as ukkk! And don't talk to me about Reboot, a Server that has no Trading! Remember when Runescape did this, the game became very unenjoyable!
Black Desert and BnS really has the potential, but they went the wrong-business-model! There is Bless Online and Revelation Online coming-out which are better than BDO and BnS, they just need proper-business-model for their game to appeal to us! Without this, it is just another BDO and BnS!
If you spend close to a thousand-bucks, you will get to 700AP effortlessly, same-thing in Maplestory where you can do with the Cubes! This is just straight-Pay-to-Win and it just turns-off a lot of people! Me? If Bless Online and/or Revelation Online ever do the same-thing BDO did, I will buy a better-computer and move to FFXIV! With all the games available right now and Maplestory being a Pay-to-Win anyway and an under-quality, it is not even worth my look! I am in an End-game-position in this game, to tell you, it is not like I did't put the time to get to know this game!

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Make sure you have a bowl of tortilla chips while you play!

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I don't really like the new UI but I've never been keen on UI updates since I'm a vanilla pleb.