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Finished Episode 2 of AttackOnTitan Season 2 last weekend, still feeling pretty slow off the mark and sluggish. Considering Season 1 finished mid-way through a manga chapter I was expecting the level of excitement to be similar to how we left off.
Attack On Titan Season 2 Episode 2 PREVIEW Eng Sub - Youtube
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Helpingly: I'm finding it really interesting so far. I read the manga to a certain point, stopped reading because I got bored, so hopefully this sparks my interest again.
HawtNoodle: Oh so Season 2 is a thing? Thought it was a april fools joke.
benevolentia: @Helpingly - I read a bit of the manga also, but I'm definitely finding S2 pretty slow so far...@HawtNoodle - Nope! It's real :D
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Kaneki: woah who are the two other people
HawtNoodle: Very nice.
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END ME, i already know ho w assassination classroom ends because i read the manga a loOong time ago BUT I'M STILL CRYING. EPISODE 23+24, WHAT THE HECK MAN. i'm not crying, you're crying. shut up.
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Kaneki: I FEEL LIKE A LOSER BUT LIKE who allowed this who said this was okay THIS IS NOT OKAY i'm not okay yoU'RE NOT OKAY THIS I S NO T OKay OKAY???? heck heck heck heck i'm a sobbing mess help i've lost track of how many tears were shed :'''^(
Helpingly: YOOO I cried too!!!! :((((
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