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Originalcharact, Originaldrawing, Digitaldrawing, Animedrawing, Mangadrawing
END ME, i already know ho w assassination classroom ends because i read the manga a loOong time ago BUT I'M STILL CRYING. EPISODE 23+24, WHAT THE HECK MAN. i'm not crying, you're crying. shut up.
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Kaneki: I FEEL LIKE A LOSER BUT LIKE who allowed this who said this was okay THIS IS NOT OKAY i'm not okay yoU'RE NOT OKAY THIS I S NO T OKay OKAY???? heck heck heck heck i'm a sobbing mess help i've lost track of how many tears were shed :'''^(
Helpingly: YOOO I cried too!!!! :((((
Originalcharact, Originaldrawing, Digitaldrawing, Drawwithamouse, Paintoolsai
Originalcharact, Originaldrawing, Virginkillerswe, Digitaldrawing, Animedrawing
Originalcharact, Originaldrawing, Digitaldrawing, Paintoolsai, Animestyle
Originalcharact, Traditiondrawin, Pencildrawing, Traditionart, Animestyle
Originalcharact, Originaldrawing, Digitaldrawing, Drawwithamouse, Animedrawing
Originaldrawing, Paintstormstudi, Digitaldrawing, Inspiration, Paintoolsai
Originaldrawing, Paintstormstudi, Procrastinating, Digitaldrawing, Inspiration
Illustration, Reading, Making, Manga, Art
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Kaneki: o, does your character have odd eyes ??(??)
Daimaohz: @kaneki nah, arrogant eyes, it's just me improvising why my char been using eyepatch
Originalcharact, Originaldrawing, Paintstormstudi, Digitaldrawing, Paintoolsai
Illustration, Reading, Making, Manga, Art
pg7, not gonna post pg6 here.
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syrup: Yes, what happens next....
Kaneki: leT Me grInD CHeESe on thOSE aBs
Orrador: I really enjoy these. I do hope you continue the story. (Read the others from your instagram) =]
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