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MakeCoronaGreat, Maplestory, Reconnect, JennPoo, Corona
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maplestory Corona is about 2 and a half years old. Recently a lot of our old members has been getting back on maple and active again! I wasn't one of the founding members of the guild but it's always great to reconnect with the people you use to look up to! Recently, our old guild leader, Jenny ( JennPoo) started playing again! Super nice to have her back! She already started planning tons of event for the guild! :') MakeCoronaGreatAgain

2 7 798 Dec 2016 Corona


FriedClams avatar

Celebrate their return with beer battered fish and chips!

Dec 2016
captain avatar

awessome! Thanks for the update. Curious to hear about all the fun events!

Dec 2016
syrup avatar

JennPoo! Gotta love any1 with that name.

Dec 2016
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