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Tiger, MS1, MVP
WatchGintama avatar

I saw a discussion on discord about Tiger in MS1. But the real MVP is Fangblade who was the first 200. He even has his own card!

4 6 498 Jul 2017


syrup avatar

oh man that's some memories! I had this card!! I remember flipping through them trying to get special items/codes. *sigh*

1 Jul 2017
WatchGintama avatar

@syrup I'd like a Fangblade card for collection. He's a legend in maplestory. I never collected the TCG so I don't have any of the cards

Jul 2017
HawtNoodle avatar

I was thinking of buying some of these cards, the artworks on them are amazing.

Jul 2017
Dlaiwa avatar

Just last week I was talking to my brother about these cards, and those weird pog things.
I really want to get my hands on some of those, just one or two to keep in a box for later.
Living in Europe it used to be fairly difficult (read "Impossible") for me to get those cards, but now that I know how to use Ebay it shouldn't be to difficult

Jul 2017
FriedClams avatar

I cannot buy these cards because I got a toasted coconut soft serve ice cream cone instead.

Jul 2017
makiyumi avatar

oml, i remember the iTCG Decks being sold at Walmart when i was like 10..

I never knew some of them had special items in them as codes .. .-.

Always thought they were just a collective card game thing

Jul 2017
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