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I wrote everything too-quickly without the thinking! I am very time-strapped! It snowed and I will be working for 14-days-straight! Everything I do is really fast, so bear with me.
dai means era, jie means encompassing!(shi dai means era, shi jie means world) I didn't realized the Kanji in Japanese as my Kanji sucks!(I basically don't look at it!) I rely on the romanization, and I can read Hiragana very well! Chinese is different as I am fluent in it and I see "shi dai" in it!
Sedai means "era", Sekai means "world", so whatever I said, just change it to "era".
My Japanese is fair! I also suck at it sometimes!

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Incorrect, anybody can be a weeb as long as they are not Japanese.

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You do realize that the Japanese do not translate to the English, right?
It translates as;
Changing the world with a tremendous-change, I will not bother, new world.
Since this is supposed to be a song(and I do not listen to such!) , ofcourse, grammar is kind-of off, but it doesn't translate to the English, that's one thing, and I know some Japanese!
Sedai or sekai means "world". Shin is the same-thing as the Chinese "xin"(it is also pronounced the same-way), meaning "new". I understand this sentence, it is not that hard.