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haven't been working on anything new recently.. just been so lazy lol. soon, though!!! maybe!

on another note, mystic messenger and school has been keeping me busy. especially mystic messenger. i went to sleep last night and woke up 4 hours after to check my phone for any new chats and stuff. i went back to sleep after that, but i woke up again after 3 hours. it's ruining my life and my sleep schedule, but it was completely worth it,,

3 7 134 Sep 11


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@syrup it's a game calling mystic messenger! the characters are so cute so i can't stay away from it,,,

Sep 12
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Same with me, I have nothing directed that I'm doing besides life and work. In terms of life, I meant "errands" that I must do. For now, I have no other activities beside what I mentioned! I read in my spare-time though, which require me to go over the details, which even for me, is boring to do! Hence, I procrastinate to even do it.
About work? I don't know, I am sick of it as well. It's not like I will quit anytime soon, but hopefully, someday, I will, and run my own business.

Sep 11 - Edited: Sep 11 2017
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I've been lazing off quite a bit myself. I need to finish that one drawing still...

Sep 11
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Being lazy is the perfect reason to enjoy fried scallops!

Sep 11
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samee the heat is making me less productive uhhhhhhh LF>FALL SEASON TO START ALREADY

1 Sep 12
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@makiyumi aaaaaa i hope fall will be better this year than last year's.. it was still super hot and i was convinced that it was still summer

Sep 12
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