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Hey all! Long time no chat! How are you?

Just wanted to let you know that there's a really fun + MASSIVE update to the site coming soon. Things are getting simplified, more mobile friendly and all-around cool, imho.

Stay tuned!!

SIde note - winter... meh...

5 72 Nov 20 BZL Dev Team


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stress. depress, hungry, still sane n alive, im good

Nov 21
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Waiting for freedom, dood. (my dad is a control freak)

2 Nov 22
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@DeeMon How old are you? I'm assuming you're a lot younger than me because you still live with your family.

Nov 27
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@Eternal I'm 26. There's a reason why I can't move out, but it's personal and you wouldn't understand what I'm going through. In a way, my life hasn't even started yet.

Nov 27
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I'm doing fine, although there are a lot of changes that are happening and I plan to happen in my life. These are something private and personal for me to talk about, but one of it is changing careers (I am not going back to school if that is what you think, but I already did purchased a business in which I have to manage). Like I already said, there are a lot of changes that are going on for me.

Nov 27 - Edited: Nov 27 2018
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