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Why I keep buying the same game twice, even three times? I has problems-- I mean, Nintendo has problems, dood! Why can't I just jam the 3DS cartridge in the Switch and play the game in HD? Have you seen Pokemon Sun/Moon in 4K? Well, it looks decent I guess. Anyway, the title screen for Hyrule Warrriors: DE is much improved from the Wii U version. Everything has more color and brightness to it. Can't wait to see Cia again, dood. Too sexy for box art!? Time to waste another 3 years on this game.




Kind of weird, but a DS/3DS cartridge fits perfectly in the space right beside the Nintendo Switch cartridge holder thing. Try it! Could it be a coincidence? Don't know.

Remember how the Wii U and 3DS box spines had these little pictures on them? Now it's just plain red with white text and logos for Switch. Keepin' it red all the way it seems.


In other news, NES Classic Edition is making a return June 29th. Don't miss your chance. Of course, I won't get one until Xmas, or even January 2019. Those friggin' scalpers. But even today, I've seen SNES Classics being restocked at Walmart. Has Nintendo finally listened? (unlike nexon)

Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon arrives next week. Is it a classicvania prequel of Ritual of the Night? I don't know, but I must have it! FrigKonami

Did you know? Azura from Fire Emblem Fates shares her birthday with Nintendo Switch's launch date. How wonderful. I would totally buy a Switch dock with Azura on it. Maybe I can make my own...

I know I was going to say one more thing, but I forgot already. So, there you go.

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Nice, I was thinking to buy this game on the switch. (Never played it)

1 2018-5-19
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@HawtNoodle If you ever do, be prepared for a frig-ton of grinding. This game just told me there's 260 Skulltulas to collect, that's 100 more than the Wii U version! Are you mad?!
And materials... Materials took way too long, especially when badges required boss materials. I actually don't think I finished one character's badge thing in Wii U version because it needed friggin' Ganon's materials. Maybe it's different here, don't know yet.
I say, the game is worth the price for how much content it has and how much time you'll be spending on it. I think there's like 40 different playstyles, 9 or 10 adventure mode maps, Ganon's Fury mode, I think there's a Cucoo mode too, didn't unlock it yet. And a bunch of medals to collect, medals are like achievements. 13 Illustrations to complete too (20 skulltulas each). I remembered they looked clean af in Wii U version, can also double as a desktop background. It was a pretty nice reward.

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Man... you're dedicated lol. I know what you mean though. I bought Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon all for the sake of shiny hunting. I'm a sucker who basically bought the same game 4 different times.

1 2018-5-19
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@Helpingly How many shinies now?
Too be honest, I bought a Pokemon Sun version, but still haven't inserted the cartridge in my 3DS yet... It's weird.

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Enjoy your games with raspberry jam on your choice of toast! Instead of getting the same game 3 times, I play chess and repeat my mistakes (not intentionally) then cheer myself up with my choice of cheese on saltine crackers!



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