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captain: How're you liking it so far?
WatchGintama: @captain It's a lot of fun despite ping issues in KR server. I'm not a big MOBA fan (LoL, DoTA, etc) but the 2D sidescrolling gameplay of this game is great.
BattleArena, Multiplayer, SuperPunch, Game, F2P Hyper Universe - Official Announce Trailer - Youtube
Hyper Universe is getting an English CBT! moba
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Rtyu: Is it Pay2Win?
EternalMemory: It is a Side-Scroller-MOBA, not an MMO! Before the 0:47 of this video, I think that CGI-part of the Trailer is very unnecessary and is directed to be so "gay", as a dedicated-gamer myself, it turns me off, it is like they didn't took that part seriously! As for the gameplay, it is a MOBA, I don't think that the content of this game and it's features are large-enough or even sufficient to get the attention of me. This game is just for fun, there is no point sinking much time to these kind of things! You should already know these if you are in to MMOs.