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DeeMon avatar

Tuesday tunes, dood. Happy Halloween. Remember when Mario Party was great? I can't really tell, but this sounds like a remix of Forever Forest from Paper Mario.


6 176 Oct 30 Youtube


Kaneki avatar

mario party made me so mad because i'd always have the worst luck and end up losing to easy level npcs

1 Oct 31
DeeMon avatar

@Kaneki I remember there was this one event thing where the lead player had to give a certain amount of coins or even a star to the last place player. It was probably a last 5 turn event or Bowser space event thing. That one pissed me off all the time. Or maybe it was Koopa Kid...

Nov 6
HawtNoodle avatar

Gotta spam that R or L button for that voice line spam.

Oct 31
Helpingly avatar

My friend bought this game and we played it together. I learned that I have the worst luck in the world.

1 Oct 31
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