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Thought I'd spice up the hamburger icon and header background. Any thoughts? Yay? Nay? Don't be shy!
5 8 82 July 20


WatchGintama avatar
Nay. The purple and yellow stand out too much and aren't eye pleasing. The grey was much nicer and easy on the eyes. If you do plan to work on the site layout, a darker theme would be better than adding random colors.
July 20
makiyumi avatar
makiyumi 218
Nay, I don't like mustard on my burgers
+ Gintama's idea on a darker theme would be pretty nice to see
July 20
HawtNoodle avatar
Just came home from work, I really like the purple to yellow border on top of the site.
July 20
Helpingly avatar
Helpingly 202
Should make it green

But yeah, I think something darker would be better.
July 21

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