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Hamburger, Splatoon, Pickle, Uuh
HawtNoodle avatar

So Splatoon 2's latest splatfest theme is pickles vs no pickles on hamburgers... I'm in quite a pickle because I never ate a hamburger before... so uuh I made this.

4 7 624 Feb 2018


zigen avatar

whens the next splatfest i keep missing them

1 Feb 2018
Quasar avatar

Hamburger with pickle mades Quasar's tongue happy.

Feb 2018 - Edited: Feb 04 2018
HawtNoodle avatar

@Beefly Too bad people are posting too many pickle ricks instead of that... or anything that isn't pickle rick.

Feb 2018
privateereck avatar

I'm good with pickles. My dad usually throws them to me if the burger comes with them.

Feb 2018
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