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Togedemaru, HASNOT, PLAYED
Kaneki avatar

me : i rlly like pokemon!!

but also me : HAS NOT PLAYED X OR Y, has nOT touched moon again after figuring out where togedemaru is located (spoilers i caught 8), does nOt understand the hidden easter eggs referencing to x or y-

3 6 83 Apr 19


Kaneki avatar

fun fact : vaporeon is my favorite eeveelution because it carried my entire team in fire red waay back then. it was lvl 80 or 90, and my other team members were around 60.

Apr 19
benevolentia avatar

I love Pokemon too!! I haven't touched SuMo since finishing the E4 tbh - it was such a floor wipe that I didn't really have the desire to continue with post-game content. How did you like it?

Apr 19
Kaneki avatar

@benevolentia i really like moon and their new pokemon but,, i guess i'm just so lazy that i find opening up the pokemon helper thing a hassle. it's probably just me, but

Apr 19
syrup avatar

Good example of a foxdograbbit. Blushing.

Apr 19
Helpingly avatar

Oh man I haven't been shiny hunting in a while. I need more shinies :c

Apr 19
blazi4ever avatar

This is so cute! *o*
After beating the game (which took me several months since I slacked off a lot), I've been doing nothing but mining and farming beans + berries everyday lolol. I personally find grinding for levels pretty slow orz;

Apr 20
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