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Kishmebaby, Guild, Leadr, Stuck, Smol
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smol thing of my guild leadr kishmebaby LOL how does this man have the patience to lvl 3 characters to 220+ when i'm here stuck at 208

6 4 536 Dec 2016


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I have the patience to grind for such progress, however, I don't have the reasonability and practicality of doing-so! Enough has been done with my Account to get my Characters to where they are! This game had forced me to create what I think is "unnecessary" Link-Skills and Character Cards that takes so much Character-Space, and so, I exactly did!
The problem of this game, is it's heavy-reliance in the Cash Shop! If you will not pay, you will rely on people that will! Tell me if this is not a fact? And how about the new-Update? You think that I will be able to Gear my other-Characters without breaking the bank? Do mind that it took me over a year to decently-Gear my Main to 1M-clean-Range without paying a cent, and this is during the time when the Elites was still un-nerfed and Meister Cubes are dropping from Bosses, is obtainable from Elite Boxes, and RP is easier to farm because we have Monster Park, Star Planet, and the unrevamped-CZak! What about if I do it in today's situation? Exactly! It is very unreasonable! That 1-year, I grinded and farmed without a life and so much have been done in terms of research and planning! Yet, nothing or so-little have yielded in Rewards! I am done with this game, I'm sorry! In terms of Contents(and by that, only the actual-useful-Contents!) , this game is lackluster!
I would rather play a game that has a lot more to offer! Before, it was easier to get to 200, right now, they ukkking nerfed it! It is not worth the effort when you have so much to upgrade in this game from so many pieces of Equipments, and now, they added more to that burden? What is the point of a Trade-system when everything(mostly-everything) in this game are 1-time-use and requires a PSoK? For an MMO, this game is lacking so much for it to be so-expensive and the service is not even good! Me? I am done with this! If I'm gonna have to put up with so much RNGs, I might as well do it in BDO! Atleast BDO is a better-refined-game!

Dec 2016
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@Daimaohz jade refuses to leave maya's house unless we go gp capping :^( also i am busy training my ds sobs

Dec 2016
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Nice drawing! Celebrate with chicken strips with your choice of sauce!

Dec 2016
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