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I will give my first impressions: Build quality feels premium since it's all metal. It runs a bit warm when playing games, not otherwise for casual browsing. Lag isn't noticeable. Speakers aren't good. Battery life is about 4 hours but that's to be expected on a small device. You can't hear the fan.

1 2017-6-22
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@WatchGintama wow, I'm surprised you can't hear the fan. I remember playing w/ something like this a decade ago (gulp) called the FlipStart. It was hot and slow but awesome for its time. Surprised that there's no lag on this device, that's awesome. You use it a lot?

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Wah, cool, LOVE the gamepad! Takes me back. How's the GPD? Would love to hear your review on it when you get a chance. I'm particularly curious how it sounds (fan) and feels (heat) and how the lag is? And from a friend to another friend - your G710+ should make friends with a Swiffer duster!!