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Ripperoni, Inktober, Sketch, Gonna
Lohdy avatar

First sketch for inktober! I really need more practice with hand-drawn stuff. Yeah. Not following any themes, just gonna draw what I feel. (tried uploading via mobile but the image didn't load ripperoni)

6 6 285 Oct 2


Kaneki avatar

yeah, i feel like having a theme is a bit limiting.

Oct 2
FriedClams avatar

Good drawing! Celebrate with Chinese five spice short ribs!

Oct 2
HawtNoodle avatar

I would love to do Inktober, but I'm so exhausted after work

1 Oct 2
Beefly avatar

@HawtNoodle It takes me 10 mins to 30mins to doodle something. Although my doodles are like at most 3 x 3 inches, and they're nothing special, I only do it because I haven't drawn traditionally in pen in years. Imgur

Oct 7 - Edited: Oct 07 2017
captain avatar

@Daimaohz I kind of thought the premise was just to do art, not ink, per se? But Inktober sounds better than Arttober.

Oct 4
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