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What're you all playing lately? I'm wondering about Iron Crypticle for PC. Looks like a mashup between Gauntlet and Robotron. Love the graphics!



2 4 597 Jul 2017 Hardcoregamer


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I'm playing chess! Enjoy your game with a batch of snickerdoodle cookies!

Jul 2017
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Well, I finally had some time to play Star Fox 64 3D and it was extremely short, about 2 hours to finish. I know there's other paths to take which gives the game more replayability, but this was not my type of game, dog fight in space. It makes me wonder how long Star Fox Zero is, I have it but didn't play it yet.
Also recently finished this Heirs of Fate DLC for Fire Emblem Fates. I dunno. It's weird. It gave me a headache for a day.
I restarted playing Paper Mario: Sticker Star... I'm going to try and finish it this time instead of giving up. This game gave me nightmares, dood.
Still trying to play through Tokyo Mirage Sessions on Lunatic difficulty. I don't remember how it was on normal difficulty, but the battles seem to take a lot longer now.

2 Jul 2017
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@DeeMon woah what, why headaches? And why you no share these achievements / gameplay more often? Curious to hear your thoughts on the FE DLC? Why nightmares in Paper Mario?

Jul 2017
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@syrup Star Fox 64 3D is just too short to say anything about it. For Heirs of Fate, there was just too much going on. So much information. I didn't want to spoil Heirs of Fate stuff. Also because these construction guys were jack hammering on the floor above, right after I finished Heirs of Fate. I wanted to sleep for a couple hours, but couldn't. And about Paper Mario: Sticker Star, well, it was 5 years ago, I had bedbugs and... I was playing Sticker Star at the time. At least, I tried to play it. I couldn't. I wasn't able to sleep for like 2 weeks or something and I kept having nervous breakdowns. It was an absolute nightmare that I never want to go through again. Well, and because Sticker Star wasn't really that great. But I'll see this game to the end this time.

Jul 2017
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