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Weekend plans?

Question Chat

captain avatar

What're you all scheming this weekend? Watching netflix? Playing games? Grabbing some final warm air before it disappears?

8 630 Oct 2017


FriedClams avatar

I am going to enjoy my 12.5oz tin of butter cookies that I got on sale for $2.50

1 Oct 2017
Daimaohz avatar

work... coz the boss abused his position n forced us to work even during day offs.... sadlife

1 Oct 2017
captain avatar

@Helpingly how many you have? I'd say GL but exams aren't about luck are they. HF doesn't seem right either. Do well!

Oct 2017
HawtNoodle avatar

Finishing that halloween drawing, been running low on free time this week.

1 Oct 2017
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