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There's no other app game I played except King's Raid. Been playing this for over a year eversince I started working at Shell company(bored as hell during night shift). The only game I didnt get to spend $$$$$$$$$$ for pixel crap, atleast the game too easy . I also like the design of this game but still unbalanced when it comes to hero class vs hero class comparison, pvp, hero vs monster. If Honkai Impact 3rd didnt crash alot on my Honor Play, I'd b playing that all night during my shift lel. Also got this new Hero that she almost looks like Mini version of my Beta xd

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3 786 2019-1-26


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Hey! I used to play this game too. But then I got kinda bored of it. Glad to see that you're enjoying it.

1 2019-1-26
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yea i got bored of it on the 1st week coz i was weak, then later i found out u can gather ruby so easily through pvp n weekly, so y not. up until now ive gathered around 110k ish. i spent them on new heroes lol . maybe thats the reason y lol