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"Frig this game!", is what kept going through my mind while playing Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. My first mistake was choosing Standard difficulty because for some reason, I thought there was a secret movie for this game. There isn't. So I made the game harder than it already is. It was too late to start over again, so I just pushed through. Sora was level 90. I know, 9 more levels, but I really wanted this nightmare to end already.


Frustrating af. Cards suck. It's hard to make a good deck. Even when you do, most of the time the deck doesn't even work properly for the bosses and you'll lose anyway. It doesn't even warn you that a boss is in the next door! This game wants to see you lose. Did I mention how much cards suck?

I could talk about the sleights, but I don't want to. I'll just say that Mega Flare is the most broken thing ever; it's a full map attack nuke, Sora learns it at level 57. But because I was playing on Standard difficulty, some heartless didn't die with just one Mega Flare, so I still had to use normal attacks or another Mega Flare (which I didn't have at the time).
Some other sleights I thought were cool are: Sonic Blade, Ars Arcanum, Lethal Frame, and Holy. Lethal Frame would have been good for bosses if Sora would friggin' cast it faster!
Some of the worse sleights I've ever experienced are: Ragnarok (slow af), Graviga (it seriously doesn't do anything!), Synchro (like wtf?), Firaga Burst (it rains down fire on enemies, but it doesn't hit them most of the time!), and I'm sure there's a lot more.

I actually didn't learn Mega Flare until I was at Twilight Town, so before then, it was hard af trying to kill heartless. I guess that's why it said I used Blitz 893 times.
Mega Flare for sure kills everything at Twilight Town with one cast.
Mega Flare at Destiny Island still leaves some heartless with little HP left because of course, the Standard difficulty.
For Castle Oblivion, I used a couple Tornado sleights to kill everything. Why not use Mega Flare, you ask? Because Castle Oblivion has heartless that resists fire, so Mega Flare isn't that great at Castle Oblivion.

I'm still not done with this game yet! I still have to play as Riku! This suffering! The nightmare continues! But this time I'll make sure to choose Beginner difficulty, which I already did. Yes, I played a little bit of Riku's mode at the time of typing this story thing. I completed two worlds so far. It feels pretty short. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about a predetermined deck for Riku.


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