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Some people were saying I was dumb for having Buff Duration on the Legion grid thing, so I made a new setup in the second preset with Boss Damage, Critical Damage, Ignore DEF, and the rest into Critical Rate. Are you happy now? I made sure to make it symmetrical in the three quadrants. Also, nexon should at least update the member pieces to have color coded outlines (you lazy af fricks!).


In other news, I played and finished The Last Story (Wii). So the story is that Zael, when he was younger, his village got raided and he lost his mother because of it. He met some guy named Dagran and they became friends, forming a mercenary group with four other characters, doing what they can to survive. Dagran doesn't want to live like this anymore, so he promises Zael that he would help him become a knight one day. So Zael does.
I'm not gonna spoil anymore of the story. I will say that there's this guy that looks like a mix of Ganondorf and Demise, Zangurak. There's also a cliché anime betrayal. Also, marriage.

There's about 40-something chapters in the game. Each chapter can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, it depends if you screw around. It's also not very clear on where to go next for the next chapter to start, it's like you have to wander about and talk to people until something happens. The way attacking works is really weird, you have to tilt the control stick in the direction of the enemy to attack, although I think there is an option to change the controls to make the A button attack. Unlike Pandora's Tower, you actually have party members that fight alongside Zael. They can be very sarcastic and comedic at times, and also very naughty, I really like them. Dagran, Syrenne, Lowell, Yurick, and Mirania should have been spirits in Smash Ultimate. It's possible to bump into people like in Assassin's Creed, I think you can anyway. There's also the wall cover thing from Gears of War during combat. The game actually looks really good for a Wii game, the character models are high quality, even better than Xenoblade Chronicles, except the armors... There's a certain beauty about Lady Calista, maybe it's her eyes. She also has a very nice voice actress.
There's also this guy named Horace who looks exactly like Maximilian Dood, I'm seriously you guys! Or I guess it should be the other way around.

Overall, I really liked The Last Story, it was much better than Pandora's Tower. I would like to see this game get remastered someday with improved graphics. Y'all missing out on Lady Calista.

Operation Rainfall gets a 2/3.

Damn, what the hell should I play next?


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