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I tried to make Elma in Daemon X Machina's character creator thing. Oh you know, that hot chocolate woman from Xenoblade X, because Skells.



I know nobody here ain't own this game, but here are the ingredients:
Gender: Female (duh)
Skin Color: 25 (starting from the top, then going left to right)
+ Hairstyle: 36
+ Hair Color: 28
+ Shape: 17
+ Skin: 1
+ Eyebrow Shape: 5
+ Eyebrow Position:
+-- Eyebrow Height: +1
+-- Eyebrow Gap: 0
+-- Eyebrow Angle: +2
+ Eyebrow Color: 30
+ Eye Shape: 5
+ Eye Color: 36
+ Odd Eye Shape: Disabled
+ Odd Eye Color: Disabled
+ Scar/Tattoo Shape: 1
+ Scar/Tattoo Color: 1
+ Eyeshadow: 1
+ Lip Color: 2
Voice: Female 1

Outer Plugsuit (default)
Color 1: Custom Red (you have to decide for yourself)
Color 2: 1
Color 3: 5

I haven't even started playing the game yet, I was just messing around with the character creator. Never played or heard of the Armored Core series, just yesterday I looked up a video about the evolution of the Armored Core games. I haven't played that many games with giant mech suits like Gundam and such, so Xenoblade X was the first thing that came to mind when I saw Daemon X Machina, and who better to play as than the woman herself. Actually...Alexa would have been a better choice. Well, time to make Alexa now. I do know that Xenogears, Xenosaga and Xenoblade 1, 2 and Torna all has some sort of giant mechs in the games. Mechon and Mythra's Siren. Even Malos had a bunch of giant machines causing destruction. Xenoblade X's Skells tho.

But for real, when I took the game out of the plastic wrap, it had this foul odor coming from it. I dunno, I guess some plastic material just stinks.

And now for a small collection of the reversible side of the box art inserts.




They all good, dood. All different pieces of art.

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