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Check out the Semifinals of the ARMS US & Canada Online Open featuring Pineapple, Resolve, Gouf, and B2S¤Gryff.

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0:29 - Pineapple vs. Resolve - Game 1
6:08 - Pineapple vs. Resolve - Game 2
9:31 - Pineapple vs. Resolve - Game 3
13:15 - Pineapple vs. Resolve - Final Game
17:23 - B2S¤Gryff vs. Gouf - Game 1
20:50 - B2S¤Gryff vs. Gouf - Game 2
25:12 - B2S¤Gryff vs. Gouf - Game 3
28:49 - B2S¤Gryff vs. Gouf - Final Game

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