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So I was bored and was trying to find some old MMORPGs that I used to play as a kid and found this small one called Holy Beast. Turns out they shut the game down 5 years ago ;( RIP memories.


2 5 602 Sep 2017


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When you think about all the man hours that go into making a game like this it's kind of sad that they just get canned and that's the end of it, don't you think? This look alright. What're you playing these days?

1 Sep 2017
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@syrup Yeah. Apparently the game only had a 3 year run time, but I'm glad that I got to play some of it while it was still active. (I was probably around 9 or 10 when I played it). Also, I'm not really playing anything these days. I've been playin a lot of MSL whenever I have time, but that's just on mobile. other than that not really playing any games cause of work/school.

Sep 2017
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That's actually pretty sad. Like syrup said, all the time and effort put into making it an enjoyable game/community just up and gets shut down with nothing but memories to keep it alive. RIP

Sep 2017
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Walking down memory lane is the perfect reason to enjoy a corn dog!

Sep 2017
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