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KorokMask, WildDLC, Uncool, Games, Zelda
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Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild DLC pack details are out!

- Trial of the Sword
- Hard Mode
- Hero's Path Mode
- Travel Medallion
- Korok Mask
- New Equipment

I still think it's uncool they're extra for these things, they should've just been in the game, no? It's already expensive enough as is for games these days... but what're you going to do?

Any of you play BoW?


3 3 105 May 4 Nintendo


HawtNoodle avatar

Man I haven't even played further than the moment when you get your glider. Too lazy to boot it up xD

May 4
tabs avatar

I haven't played BotW since I got Puyo Puto Tetris. Too busy learning how to chain in Puyo Puyo. I like to think that I'm alright in Tetris. I can pull off combos and t-spins consistently; I'm trying to get faster at the B2B t-spin triples set up.

May 4
captain avatar

@hawtnoodle: it's that good?

@tabs:I presume you mean Puyo Puyo not Puyo PuTo Haven't heard that name for about... *gulp* 20 years almost. How is it?

May 5
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