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the CPU has been updated to Z8750 and RAM to 8GB. Nice!

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This looks really cool for things like MAME and watching videos on the go or hooking it up to a TV. Pop a joystick on and you're set. *thumbs up*

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It uses the same processor as the GPD Win. And the GPD Win CAN play PC games including Skyrim and low spec stuff like Stardew valley. I've personally tested MMOs such as Tree of Savior, MapleStory, Maplestory2, Ragnarok Online.


@syrup I can't say about the fan but it does look great. The keys on the GPDWin were too small for me and I never use the gaming controls. This seems great for my uses (browsing web, playing a few games, pocketable etc)

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@syrup It cannot possibly overheat because of it's GPU and processor. GPU is the most-standard that all computers usually comes with! Intel-HD-Graphics is standard! All computers have that, even if you bought the computer with NVidia, you have this thing on default. I can say the same-thing for the Processor(CPU)! 1.6 GHz is nothing!
This doesn't even come close to a low-end-gaming-computer, hence, you cannot do anything with this! So, unless, you are willing to try and actually use this on even just something low-end that is not mobile-applicable, then it might! But then again, you will just face frame-drops and lags before it can even start to toll your CPU/GPU. Without the rendering and FPS, you cannot possibly overheat! The game won't even run properly for it to overheat!
Hence, this is only as good as a Tablet. No more! It can only run Mobile-Applicable-games with it's specs.

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despite only 4mb RAM this is pretty cool, I'd love to try one out. But what worries me most is the heat and fan. It's great that the device is kept cool enough to not be uncomfortable to hold, but what about its effect on the internal components? Until things go fanless I'd be a bit cautious. But that's not based on any kind of research, just concern. Looks great though, and fun!