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Nintendo, games, DonkeyKongCountry, MechonisField, Castlevania


Nintendo, games, Donkey Kong Country, Mechonis Field, Castlevania

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captain avatar Initially I thought you were talking about Xenogears, a totally different beast. I haven't actually heard of Xenoblade. I'm keen to see that part 2 is coming out on Switch as it looks really cool. Tha
DeeMon avatar I gave up on trying to beat Rodin in Bayonetta 2, he's just too crazy and powerful as hell. You can die in 2-3 hits with two full bars of health... This is the last bewitchment I need for this game. T
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3DS, Playable, Console, Further, Lengthy

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Project 100 - Hound 13 - From the Father of Dragon Nest - Youtube

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WatchGintama avatar Dragon Quest was my first hype MMO before TOS. I played it a lot and enjoyed the PVP. This game looks fun as well but hope it gets a PC version.
captain avatar do you mean Dragon Nest or Quest (you said the latter)? I agree, it was fun and I had a very brief stint of enjoying it. But I really came to miss the social aspect (ie MapleStory). Did I just not sti