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Food, Ginger
Today is the perfect day to enjoy a steamed soy ginger fish! food
Gengar: Man I wish I wasn't allergic....
Helpingly: totally forgot that the ghostie was allergic to fish. Rip @Gengar . But yeah, fish is delicious.
EricBB: I have a feeling that you're chinese?
Food, Bacon
Celebrate my icon change with a simple set of bacon and eggs!
3 3
Rtyu: Thank you, Geng-chan. Your eggs n bacon are the best! :)
DeeMon: Scrambled, dood. I never got to try sunny side up yet.
FriedClams: Congratulations! I like my eggs hard boiled!
Chess, Food, Rematch, Game
As soon as I move my bishop, my opponent has to be a baby and offer a draw then ask for a take back. After I decline both, he/she rage quits. The previous game, I lost badly to this person and he/she wanted a rematch and this game was the rematch. Why only play against people you can beat? How will you improve? After the game, I enjoyed a steamed pork and vegetable bun! chess food
Kaneki: lmao i hate people who are just too stubborn to admit defeat
Food, Pancake
Green onion pancake
6 5
Raginroxas: I cant say I've had one before, but it looks tasty!
MizuiChan: That sounds good! Can you still put syrup on it? :O
Gengar: @MizuiChan: It's a savory pancake
Food, Gyro
Today is the perfect day to enjoy a gyro! food
Helpingly: My resident dining hall ruined Gyros for me.. but then again, they ruined everything for me. :c
FriedClams: @Helpingly I'm sorry to hear that. Cheer yourself up with wonton noodle soup!
Helpingly: @FriedClams I would if they had any of that stuff on campus. Gotta go pretty far if I want some good Wonton Noodle Soup :c
Today is the perfect day to enjoy some pigs in a blanket! food
captain: The less-delicious, less cool cousin of bacon-wrapped smokies.
EricBB: No longer eat hotdogs due to the way they're processed : [. That's heatlh class 101 .. However, I do love Nathan's Famous Hotdogs : [[ !!!!
blazi4ever: These look so good! *o*
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