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Food, Pepperoni, Skew
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I did not want to skew all the chess pictures I posted were when I won. After over a minute of thinking, I did not see a scenario where I would not be in an ugly spot so I resigned. I cheered myself up with a slice of pepperoni pizza! food

2 391 Nov 2017 SquishyNoobs


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You are the White? Judging from your previous-posts of Chess, you always use the same tactics of defence. You always use the Rooks for defence and not move them out. It's your greatest-piece for offence, along with your Queen(only they can lock, nothing else).
I advice a change of strategy, it might yield a better result . To win, you have to take posture of offence.

1 Nov 2017 - Edited: Nov 12 2017
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@Eternal Thank you for the tip and for studying my chess posts! Enjoy some steamed shrimp dumplings!

Nov 2017
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