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Food, Manicotti, Game, Pawn, Rook
White blundered the rook. I could have taken it with my pawn but I missed it and moved my queen instead. I did win the game so I celebrated with baked manicotti! food
3 3 81 May 15 SquishyNoobs


syrup avatar
syrup 332
Great to see people playing other games, especially chess! I played chess with my dad when I was younger. How much time you put in a week?

On a side note, I always have this image that you're going to team up with one of those MapleStory battle video guys to do an intense chess video. For this I would recommend the OST to be anything by Dragon Force. gl hf!
May 16
Duzz avatar
Duzz 22
i respect your chess game. im too dumb to play this game.
May 17
FriedClams avatar
@Syrup Thank you! How much I play a week varies depending on my schedule but I always try to sneak in one 10 minute game a week.
May 19

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