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Food, Cheesecake, Pawn, Took
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I did not see my defeat coming at all. I was so confident in my defense. Black took my pawn which I did not care about so I took the bishop and then got checkmated. I cheered myself up with a chocolate cheesecake! food

0 806 2017-10-3


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If you eat the Bishop, you will then lose your Queen, one of your most important-piece. By moving your Queen forward, will not gain you any benefit though, because the King is protected (So I wouldn't think of moving it forward). The rest of your pieces(especially your Rooks), cannot freely move, because you have all your pawns blocking them. Either way, you already lost, whether you eat that Queen or not with your Pawn, there is that Rook forward of your King.
What I would have done after he ate your Pawn, is move that Rook next to your King to the left, to free up space. With that, you could have escaped, seriously.

1 2017-10-5 | Edited: 2017-10-5