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@syrup Meiguihua = Rose. That is the full-word/dictionary-form for "rose". "hua" is the word for "flower".
The "hua" is usually omitted if you want to use in a sentence; he gave me roses = ta song le wo yi shu mei gui.
I speak Guo yu

Dec 2017
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@Eternal oh, idk that, thanks. I do recognize the name from somewhere tho, must be Basil.

Dec 2017
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@syrup Same. I certainly have met this young-lady in Basil if I recall (username gives it away and I'm Chinese, so username is not foreign-sounding for me to remember).
I too came from Basil years ago (and I still remember some people). But we all know the story - I moved-on and is no longer active in Basil since years ago and counting.

Dec 2017 - Edited: Dec 30 2017
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