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Yeah that's right, we Belgians make the best chocolate ~3~

2 Jan 2018
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@HawtNoodle maybe, but THIS is NOT that... Kirkland = Costco, right? Costco is great and all, but it's not where I go to find high class food. Maybe that's why I shop there all the time

Jan 2018
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Costco is a retail-store that sells wide variety of goods (like food, clothing, some electronics, etc.) much like Walmart. The difference to Walmart is they sell some of their food in bulk-packaged (you can save money by buying them in bulk). Unlike Walmart, you need membership to shop in Costco (it's only $60 a year).
Kirkland-Signature is a trademarked-product-brand of Costco (Costco source products from manufacturers and retail them under the Kirkland-Signature-brand).

4 Jan 2018
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@HawtNoodle Yes, but I think it's worth it (I have membership because I go there often to do my shopping). You can save a lot of money if you buy in bulk.
I paid just $19 for a big-pack of food-Plastic-Wrap and it's been 2-years already and it still haven't ran out. Compare to buying the smaller-packs in any store, it will cost you a lot more. Also, food-products, you'll save more if you buy in bulk which Costo tend to have.

Jan 2018
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@Eternal I'm not sure if I can recommend the food for 1-2 person family, as the food bulks will go bad before all are eaten.

Jan 2018 - Edited: Jan 19 2018
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@Beefly This!

I like that this has turned into a Costco tip thread!!

Regarding your concern you can be a bit strategic. IE, I like coffee, so that's a good deal there because it stays fresh for ages and they actually good organic / fair trade stuff that's fairly priced. And the other trick is to stock up on frozen bits. I don't mean junk food but frozen fruit and frozen veggies - those are ideal frozen anyway and will last for EONS. The same goes for bread - you can just freeze it if you haven't eaten all of it by the best before date, just toast it and it's perfect. Costco is also great for other bits like socks, nuts, dried fruit and even medicine (cold fx, etc). Not to mention gas... the list goes on.

Jan 2018
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