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Salutations Everyone!

[Friendly Disclosure]
It's a live stream, so it's gonna be what they call a "Long Play" meaning anywhere from 30 minutes to hours.

This is also a "blind run" let's play, so I know nothing aside for San's theme and that there are 3 routes to the game. Aside from those, it's all green from the very beginning. Please be gentle ^^;;

And lastly, no spoilers puh-lease :T I've avoided them this long and that alone was tough enough. lol

[Some Info Here!]
This here is the Undertale Live Stream that took place May 28th, 2016 around 11pm-ish. Thank you to those who joined in during that time! Enjoy and make sure to tune in for more over on the Twitch! Also kindly subscribe in case you miss any of the future live streams!

[Things To Follow!]

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