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FlowerRobe, Idk
Daimaohz avatar

Akarin's Flower Robe, idk if it should look like this in this form

9 10 600 Feb 13


FriedClams avatar

Beautiful drawing! Celebrate on February 15 by buying the Valentine's Day candy and chocolate at 50% off!

Feb 13
Beefly avatar

@Quasar Maybe style is a more fitting word unless Daimaohz implied that the clothes indicates a new power

Feb 14
Lohdy avatar

I really appreciate the time and effort you put into the flower decorations on the robe, and how it conforms to the folds. A lot of people (including me lmao) would just copy paste a design and call it a day. Also i like the pretty sparkly effects on the sword such pretty

1 Feb 14
Daimaohz avatar

i was gonna do that, I tried to find a good flower pattern for hours but unfortunately none of them r suitable, so i just randomly doodled it

Feb 15
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