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privateereck avatar

Felt good finishing Halo 1-3 in Legendary. I may consider Halo 3 ODST, 4 and Reach next.

3 561 Oct 2017


FriedClams avatar

Congratulations! Celebrate with grilled lemon pepper rainbow trout with baby carrots and corn! For your next game, play Overcooked!

Oct 2017
captain avatar

Legendary = 1HKO? I tried playing a really old FPS like that once. I wouldn't have been able to do it were it not for a keyboard-based save-anywhere and load-anywhere so I could save CONSTANTLY like a maniac. Did you enjoy it?

1 Oct 2017
privateereck avatar

@captain Legendary on halo is this Wikia . tl;dr enemies are upgraded, kill faster; you are fragile, deal less damage. Checkpoint system is wacky, as you can get a bad checkpoint, or no checkpoint for a while.

Oct 2017
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