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What would you like to see more of on BZL.co? A messaging system similar to IG / Twitter? Nested replies? Edit stories? Edit comments? Polls? Let me know what and why.


2 4 532 May 2017 BZL Dev Team


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It would be great if we could edit our own posts after posting, I found myself mistyping stuff and only to find out after posting said story and deleted the entire story and retyped it.

May 2017
DeeMon avatar

Yes, what both of y'all says. I had to delete my Paladin story thing because I typed 31st instead of 32nd. I'm surprised that I lost count of my own characters... Embarrassing, dood.

May 2017
Kaneki avatar

an easier way to delete old posts,, i always end up typing something and regretting it (a lot) later rip

May 2017
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